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Photographer Juris Justs, personal identification number 170184-11248, "Photographer",

and _________________, personal identification number ________________, hereinafter referred to as "Customer", entered into such an agreement:



The photographer conducts a photo shoot of the wedding celebration for the client, according to the services chosen by the client and the prices established in this contract.


1. Shooting

1.1 The Photographer undertakes to take photographs for the wedding celebration of the Client within the date and time stipulated in the contract on the professional level according to the Photographer's portfolio that can be found at the following internet address: .

1.3 Date and time of the Client's wedding celebration:


2. Reservation

2.1 On the day of signing the agreement, the Client is obliged by transfer to the Photographer's current account to pay the photographer an initial contribution of 100,- EUR (one hundred euro 00 euro cents).

The initial contribution is a guarantee of security for the Photographer for the time reserved for the customer's benefit.

The initial contribution of ,- EUR is not returned if the customer refuses the photo session on the selected date.

2.2 On the day of the wedding celebration ____________._________. the Client pays the Photographer the remaining amount in cash ____________-EUR ( euro 00 euro cents).

2.3 In case of failure to pay for the full set of services, the Photographer reserves the right not to execute the specified order, and the initial payment is not returned to the Client.


3. Price

3.1 According to the prices of the Photographer, the Client acquires a set of services worth of “ _______ ” - EUR (_______________hundreds of euros). Additional hourly rate is 50 euro.

3.2 The package of services includes:

3.2.1 Photographer's consultation;

3.2.2 Photographic services on the day of the wedding celebration (_____/_____/______);

3.2.3 Material from _______ to _______ photos, post-processing of photos, retouching of portraits;

3.2.4 2 (two) sets of digital photos: one with a resolution suitable for publication on the Internet, and the other with a high resolution suitable for high-quality photo printing;

3.2.5 In agreement with the Client, copying the photos to a digital memory drive (USB Flash drive) provided by the Client; or uploading the photos to "Google Drive" and sending the storage address and access details to Client's e-mail address.


4. Results

4.1 The Photographer shall select and process the number of photos specified in the contract at the discretion of the Photographer. Only processed photos are issued to the Client. The Client can request additional photos by agreement with the Photographer.

4.3 The time of photo processing: calendar days after the date of the wedding celebration.

4.4 In the event that the Photographer, due to unforeseen and justifiable circumstances, cannot carry out the photography himself on the wedding celebration day specified by the Client, the Photographer shall warn the Client about it in a timely manner, but not later than 1 working day before the wedding celebration day, and shall provide services of another photographer (with equivalent professional experience and photo quality) to the extent and within the time limits set forth in this Contract.


5. Property.

5.1. According to the LR Copyright legislation, the author (Photographer) transfers the rights to the Client to use the author's material for private purposes.

5.2 For marketing purposes, the Photographer, in agreement with the Client in e-mail correspondence, has the right to use pictures taken on the wedding day, including the right to print and publish.


6. Details of the parties



Juris Justs

Personal identification number: 170184-11248

Slokas Street 11-8, Riga, LV-1007

Email address:

Tel. + 371 26364112

7. Signatures of the parties



Juris Justs ______________________________